• December 5th 2018

    P3A’s Annual Open House Come & Go

    P3A is grateful to our guests for another successful Open House! Every year, P3A hosts our holiday ‘come and go’ to celebrate the past year with colleagues, employees, and clients. The setting this year was College Avenue Campus, a project P3A has been proud to lead over the last couple of years. Guests were able to see some of the new renovations at the campus, while mingling and enjoying the festive atmosphere.

    Many thanks to everyone who attended and who brought an item in support of programming at the North Central Family Centre!

  • October 5th 2018

    College Avenue Campus Grand Re-Opening

    P3A attended the College Avenue Campus grand re-opening. This project involved a restoration, renovation and addition to the historic College Avenue Campus buildings. P3A worked with the University of Regina and heritage expert Donald Luxton to revitalize the campus for the benefit of future students and the greater Regina community. The design respects the heritage value of the existing buildings while adapting to today’s instructional, learning and community needs. This project was both challenging and complex; through the efforts of many, Regina’s urban landscape is richer, and the buildings are ready for current and future generations. We are proud of the P3A team for their work on this project over the last couple of years! 

  • August 22nd 2018

    Conexus Credit Union Head Office Design Unveiled

    The design for the new Conexus Credit Union head office was officially unveiled. Conexus, the University of Regina, P3A and Donald Luxton presented the project to both media and Conexus members. The project was a key component in the revitalization of College Avenue Campus including Darke Hall. The new 80,000 square foot building is contemporary and “of its time” while drawing inspiration from the historic collegiate gothic buildings of the University of Regina’s original campus. The building will provide a new accessible lobby for Darke Hall, a leading-edge business incubator, a public three storey atrium, and a public coffee shop. Park users will be able to enjoy a new exterior courtyard along with other public amenities. The project is expected to be complete in 2020.

  • July 15th 2018


    P3A was proud to support the Regina Humane Society’s first Barkitecture event. P3A’s team volunteered their time to create a one-of-a-kind nordic-inspired dog house for the fundraiser! Alannah Janes (second from left) was the winner of the P3A house. P3A’s team included (pictured) Ashley Bull, Vanessa Keilback, Kate Jackson, Travis Crumley; and Amber Burt, Marshall Gaetz and Madison Froehlich (not pictured). 

  • July 10th 2018

    2018 P3A Dr. Joseph Pettick Memorial Scholarship Awarded

    The 2018 recipient of the P3A Dr. Joseph Pettick Memorial Scholarship is Sasha Miller, a visual arts major working primarily through the mediums of painting and printmaking. Her pieces display a recurring focus on the human form, exploring the engaging possibilities this subject holds. She aims to transform simplicity into a meaningful display by incorporating detail and precision to attract the eye of the beholder. In a series of self-portraits, she investigated the relationship between the body and its surrounding space, acknowledging the shift in meaning that arises when parts of the body are left unfinished. Painted on unprimed masonite, the figure only covers a small portion of the surface and remains partially incomplete. Whether the figure is disappearing into the vast background or slowly revealing its presence, the interplay between background and foreground inspires multiple interpretations.
    Date: March 2018
    Medium: Oil paint on masonite
    Size: 6ft x 4ft

  • May 5th 2018

    James Youck Appointed as SAA President

    P3A is proud to announce that James Youck, Principal at P3A, was appointed as the 2018-2019 President of the Saskatchewan Association of Architects. James is pictured with MLA Nadine Wilson (Saskatchewan Rivers) at the SAA President’s Dinner. 

  • April 23rd 2018

    SPRA Selected as Prime Consultant for Regina Police Service Facilities Renewal

    SPRA (Strategic Prairie Region Alliance) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the Regina Police Service Facilities Renewal Project. SPRA is a Joint Venture between P3A, aodbt architecture + interior design (Saskatoon), and ONPA Architects (Edmonton). For this project, SPRA is represented by P3A and aodbt.

    As Prime Consultant, SPRA will help the Regina Police Service address their facility needs so it can continue to effectively serve the community and respond to future growth. SPRA looks forward to working on this challenging and exciting project.